Residential Living

” Home is where I live with my friends. “

Live in community with a small group of your peers experiencing life together.

For the Adult

Residential living in Forsyth County for adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disability in a family-style house serving up to 4 residents supported by house parents and their family.

For the Caregiver

Peace of mind that your adult is living and growing towards independence in a encouraging family-style home.

Residential Living will consist of a private home-styled facility, which will house up to 4 residents supported by house parents. The house will have a dining room, kitchen, living room, laundry room, and outdoor space for all to enjoy. Each resident will be in a semi-private room with an en-suite bathroom.

Daily Life operates much like a family where assistance is provided according to the individual’s needs. That may include assistance with activities of daily living, planning, scheduling, finance, transportation scheduling for job or appointments. Residents will participate in meal selection and preparation. Likewise, they will help keep their rooms and home neat to ensure everyone will enjoy their house.

Residents will participate in a day-time community engagement and/or employment program of their choosing. Additionally, they will have leisure activities, Special Olympic involvement, and worship services with their housemates. They will participate in “time at home” weekends with their family of origin and host “Family Dinner” for their families at Stacey’s Place.

A Resident Is …

  • An adult 22 and older
  • Intellectually or Developmentally Disabled
  • Able to walk without assistance
  • Generally independent in daily living activities (may need minor assistance)
  • Medically and Behaviorally stable (not a threat to themselves or others)
  • No history of wandering or elopement
  • Voluntarily taking all medications
  • Voluntarily staying in our homes
  • Engaged in day program, employment program, or daytime activity

What’s Next